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Urge Helmet 2012

The French helmet manufacturer Urge had a new and very interesting helmet on display at their booth, the all M, which is meant for aggressive All Mountain riding. The all M is pretty cool looking, if you don’t mind the Urge family look, and the design is both innovative and functional. For Urge, it has a sort of traditional venting system, with eight vents, including some rather prodigious front ones, that have some internal channeling to help pull the air through the helmet, keeping things cooler and more comfortable. Encased within the EPS foam is a tubular alloy frame for strength reinforcement, acting just like a roll cage. Like their Endur-O-Matic, it has the low slung rear, that droops down towards the neck and over the ears, offering excellent rear and side coverage, and additional safety characteristics.

It uses the industry-standard In-mold EPS foam construction, with a durable high gloss outer polycarbonate shell, weighs in at 300 grams, and meets the US and European certification standards. It features a flexible visor, eight venting hole, and comes in a wide range of colors, two sizes (Sm/Md and Lg/X-Lg), use their very functional ‘Gangsta Pad’ anti sweat system, and retail for $120, and it should be available early next year. Urge Bike Products is based out of Cogolin, France, and is co-owned by multiple time World Champion Fabien Barrel, who also does product testing and development for the company.

I applaud Urge and some of the other innovative helmet companies, like Kali Protectives and POC, for thinking outside the box on helmet safety. The current helmet protection system, includes the outer shell, the foam liner, the retention system and the padding. The hard shell helps spread the impact over a larger surface (specifically to the liner), accentuates sliding and prevents object penetration. The EPS foam helps prevent or reduce brain injury by managing the energy of an impact through its own compression or destruction. Its main duty is to slow the stopping process so that the head slows down during its inertial of the impact (deceleration), by cushioning and redirection. Although this system has been around for quite some, I think helmet safety, design and testing are in its infancy, and the entire realm of things needs some additional research and rethinking to protect the human noggin. Since the NFL and the players union is pushing for better helmet protection to deal with concussion issues, some of their technology and designs might trickle over to the multiple sport world?

all M Specs:

  • CE1078 Certification
  • Unique Urge design
  • In Mould construction(unmatched ratio Protection / Lightweight)
  • Large shaped vents
  • Alloy renforced vents and structure
  • X straps on neck
  • Stylish and flexible, anti crash visor
  • Featuring Gangsta pad, anti sweat system
  • Available in 2 sizes(S/M, L/XL)
  • Weight: 305 g

Urge is also offering their new Veggie line, in which they replace the fiberglass and polycarbonate shells with a 100% natural vegetable fiber, for a more green oriented product. They weave a linen fiber from the Linum usitatissimum plant to manufacture a fabric that can be molded into a substituent for glass fabrics. The end product is compostable, is 100% natural, non-allergic and is safe, for the end user and employee building the helmets. Due to the additional labor, processing and complexity, the helmets cost a bit more than the traditional layups. Currently, they are offering the Down-O-Matic downhill helmet (shown above), and Archi-Enduro enduro helmet with this option.

  • CE1078/ CPSC Certification
  • Linen/fiber construction (Veggie model)
  • Stylish and flexible anticrash visor
  • Internal venturi effect
  • Removable and washable pads
  • Grilled vents
  • Available in 2 sizes (S/M 54/57, L/XL 58/60)


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