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Daily Coverage , Interbike 2010

Trek Transport+ Cargo Bike at Interbike 2010


This is easily the most useful bike in the entire On Dirt Demo! Located by its lonesome by the pump track was the Trek Commuter Bike Booth. Most serious cyclists probably just glossed over this booth as it featured only a few commuter bikes. But as I talked to my friend Travis Ott about the bikes, I noticed they had the bike I’ve been looking for since the Trek product introduction in France earlier in the summer.

They had the Trek Transport and the Transport +. Both bikes are cargo bikes with the Transport+ including an electric motor system. The Transport retails for $1300 and the Transport + for $2100. They include a front rack and a rear rack system with one side bag.

Transport bikes make a lot of sense and are starting cult following among early adopters. They carry a lot of stuff. They can handle beer, groceries, beer, kids, beer, etc. So now we have a bike that can handle a lot of errands in our daily lives. Now we have a bike can possibly be a car replacement. Folks can buy the Trek Transport and start using their cars less and less.

But then it doesn’t make sense. If you live in an area with any kind of hills or climbs, you have to be an olympian to get these bikes up the climbs, fully loaded, with any kind of urgency. And if you’re a casual rider, forget it.


So that’s where the Transport + comes in. It has a 250 watt assist motor and a powerful lithium battery. 250 watts is about the power of a very avid cyclist that races occasionally. This power comes in and assists the rider at 4 different levels. It goes from just a gentle push to a full power, help you beat the roadies up the hill boost. It is completely silent and it goes on as you ┬áput push on the pedals. So you have to be pedaling to get the motor working. We don’t know the range yet of this system but it will go at least an hour in assist mode.

So how does it perform? In a nutshell, like a dream! When electric motor is off, there is only a very slight drag to the system introduced by the hub motor. When the system is on, the hub motor senses the torque applied by the rider and it delivers the appropriate boost. No switches or triggers are pressed.


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