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Interbike 2010 , Virtual Trade Show Booth

SRAM at Interbike 2010

SRAM 2011 Components


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Featured Product: 2×10 XO


Featured Product: X9


X9 der. & PG-1070 cassette XO rear derailleur
SRAM2011-1016 SRAM2011-1004
XG 1080 Cassette XX rear derailleur
SRAM2011-1006 SRAM2011-1007
XG 1099 Cassette XX front derailleur
SRAM2011-1010 SRAM2011-1005

SRAM 2X10 delivers maximum functionality and minimum complexity with faster shifting, more efficiency, and lighter weight across a full range of gears. Anchored by Truvativ’s crankset, SRAM 2X10 takes advantage of XX technologies like X-Glide shifting, X-Dome cassettes, and wide range gearing. SRAM 2X10 gives you a drivetrain ready for any XC, Trail or All-Mountain adventure. SRAM 2X10 doesn’t mean more gears, it just means The Right Gear , right now.

As mountain bikers demand choice, SRAM is also offering an all new 3X10 drivetrain. SRAM 3X10 will be the best shifting three ring crank set in the market, using the same X-Glide technology as our 2X10 and providing an even wider gear range for environments where needed.

Discuss SRAM Products

Read and Write Reviews on SRAM Products

Visit the SRAM website

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  • Joe says:

    When is the SRAM 2 x 10 – 36/24 AM crankset going to be out on the market ???

  • Jake Pay says:

    I’m not seeing 2×10 gripshifters…Are they still in the planning or will all my bikes remain 9 speed?

  • satanas says:

    Bah! Still no 10 speed gripshift; 36×24 rings would be good too. :-(

  • floyd lippencott says:

    Need 10 speed Grip Shift .

  • coldass says:

    Came here to look for new Gripshift. Can’t see it? I have lost my brand love for you SRAM…

  • Telford says:

    Was hoping to see some 10-speed twisties at I-bike. Please make a 10-speed XX/XO GripShift. GripShift is the cornerstone of SRAM. If you abandon it for triggers only, you’re basically saying the Big S was right all along.

  • Teamfubar says:

    The squeaky shifter gets the grease…WHERE IS THE 10 SPEED GRIP SHIFT??? That is the product that launched Sram! C’mon guys! There HAS to be enough demand out there to make this happen.

  • sonyisdope says:

    I was at a SRAM tech seminar, and some dude who was running the show told me that he rode some 2×10 prototype grip shifters and that they had them “in the works.” Don’t quote me or anything, but they are working on 10 speed twisties.

  • badass says:

    I bet they show up at sea otter in 2011.

  • BunnV says:

    I love SRAM. I have an XX, X0, X9 hodge-podge mix on my Ibis. I have Force/RED on my Orbea. I liked that they offered other colors-I have orange- (for X0) than the standard red, grey, white that EVERYBODY else offers. Please step back outside the box and offer some other colors (I know there’s blue and gold but it basically one LETTER on the graphics of the gruppo.) Thanks SRAM! I’m still on board. X0 2X10 crankset is on my shopping list even though there is no orange ;-)

  • ScottB says:

    Where are the 10-speed grip shifters? Every bike I own I end up removing the triggers and put on the trusty, minimalist, twisties.

  • mervsj_xtr says:

    My Friend SRAM will never manufacture 2×10 gripshift anymore because this tech is already for WRITE-OFF SRAM already move to thumb shift its because even SRAM agree that the Japanese (SHIMANO) tech is more reliable than twisting your hands.

  • jeronimo says:

    Colors? You’re worried about the colors?

    SRAM, focus on the function…make a 12-36 9-speed cassette while you’re at it…I don’t care what color it is.

  • lonefrontranger says:

    add me to the seething masses hollering OMG 10-SPEED GRIPSHIFT PLZ!!!

    actually make that 2 of us. my fiance’ and I will not buy 10-speed X-anything unless and until it has twist shifters.

    The end.

  • grippy says:

    Wait… and why are all of the pros still running 9? because there is no gripshift for 10. come on SRAM, we’re waiting!

  • Alvin says:

    I agree with mervsj_xtr common guy’s I have my bike with SRAM trigger, I was using twisty for 5 years then when SRAM come up with trigger at first I don’t like it but well as a cyclist we should be open to new innovations, I tried then in my own opinion mostly if you race its better than twisty mostly if you set it up properly, with twisty mostly on rough and difficult trails you can’t get to the right gear instantly but with SRAM trigger its really quick mostly with their 1:1 ratio triggers GO TRIGGER.

  • Bryan says:

    Please release a 10 spd gripshifter I also am a big fan of the twistys and love the extra room it gigs my meathooks

  • Dr. D says:

    Man, I’m glad they stopped making those stupid gripshifters… <<<runs and hides

  • MrCookie says:

    Shifters shmifters…. whatever…. I want to see some “nice” MTB disc hubs that have the looks and function to match the rest of the gruppo. Lots of engagement points, reliable guts, and a partridge in a pear tree.

  • ismack says:

    Nice stuff. SRAM is probably my favorite company. But personally not a fan of 10 speed. I wouldn’t mind a higher end 8 speed. And seriously, why would a person want a grip shift? I want to be able to grab my grips not have half of it move. Would appear there is a demand for it though.

  • JB says:

    I loved gripshift and reluctantly had to try triggers when I bought a new bike. I must say downshifting while braking is nice even if you don’t race. Be open minded.

  • 1fgmtnbyker says:

    Get rid of those grip and trigger shifters! Go single and not worry about it.

  • DCWilson says:

    Please include me in your marketing data for grip shifters – Male over 40, spends mucho dinero on bike stuff, road and mountain. You will even see mountain to road crossover loyalty form customer if you keep up the gripshifter product!

  • wvucyclist says:

    Glad to know I’m not the last one on the earth that loves grip shifters… and 8 speed. I wouldn’t mind a new high end 8 speed group, but I’ve given up on that, so 10 speed gripshift would be awesome! That way, in 10 years, I might upgrade to it, as I’m still not convinced of the merit of 9 speed.

  • cristobal says:

    Just ordered Stumpy 2X10, and forgot to check on availability of 10 speed grip shift. I’ll be dyin for my twisties. PLEASE make some for me! BTW, why don’t you guys market those grip shifters more aggressively? When they click – they shift. very simple. Plus dumping, or jumping multiple gears is sooo easy.

  • steve says:

    Grip shift is better than triggers during cold weather; because it is much more accurate to shift wearing cold weather gloves than to fumble around with fragile femboy triggers.

  • John says:

    Just ordered a new race bike with XX 2×10. Don’t tell me there won’t be any 2×10 Gripshift to go with it! I thought due to the huge demand this would be a given. Come on SRAM! Are you making them?

  • J. Random Psycho says:

    +1 for high end 8 speed components.

  • dmenn says:

    ismack said:

    >>Would appear there is a demand for it though.

    Really? From the 15 people on here that think it’s cool? Seriously… gripshift is to bikes as manual transmission is to race cars.

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