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Daily Coverage , Interbike 2010

Ridekick – Electric Powered Bike Booster

Ridekick - electric bike booster

Now this is cool. It looks like a a trailer to haul your groceries or your beer home. But upon closer review, there’s more going on to this super trailer. There is a motor and battery in it. This trailer is not only designed to power itself but more ambitiously to push the bicycle it’s connected to. It attaches to the bike via the rear axle and one tire of the trailer is powered enough to push the bike and assist the rider attain higher speeds or climb hills. It is activated by a throttle trigger on the handlebar.

Ridekick - electric bike booster

The limitations would be cornering with power boost and climbing under loose conditions like dirt roads. But get some open asphalt road and this should be good to go. It helps elder, and beginner riders get that extra boost as they get on that bike to go to destinations that are longer or hillier than they can normally tackle.

We also believe other riders can benefit as they merge into traffic and left turn lanes at higher speeds. It is way better to change lanes at 21 mph rather than 7 mph since bike can better match the flow of traffic and is less of an obstruction.

The motor and battery are neatly hidden away in compartments in the trailer so there is some nice storage there for a grocery bag or more. And Ridekick has plans for a bigger cover to provide more storage.

The best part is this fascinating technology is not $2000. Rather, the target price is around $550. This can assist a bike up to 19 mph and a full charge lasts about 15 miles.

Ridekick - electric bike boosterRidekick - electric bike booster



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