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Niner redesigns the RIP9

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  • MMcG says:

    Is this an early sample? Those welds in the first photo look a tad shoddy – but maybe that is because this is an early prototype of what’s to come?

  • Chick_Jerkin' says:

    I didn’t realize that MMcG was a welding instructor who could identify sub-par welds merely by looking at them.

    MMcG should host an Interbike seminar on identifying “shoddy” welds so that nobody buys any bikes that are “shoddy”.

    Or maybe it’s possible that a weld’s strength can’t be identified by merely looking at it. Is that possible?

  • weldr says:

    man that does look cruddy – a stop and then a restart in the middle and a shaky hand, ? i guess that is where the chinese gymnist went :)

  • Palmermtb says:

    Who gives a crap about the welds. Let’s talk about that kick aSS looking frame. Niner did a killer job on the updates. I’m ready to sell mine just to get the new one. Niner’s reputation for quality and value is top notch in my book.

  • PikeBN14 says:

    Here here, who gives a t0ss what the welds look like as long as they are strong? How often do you ride admiring your welds? It’s a gorgeous looking bike, even better in colour photo’s, I think my old (non Niner) full Suss might be making way for one of these – pending some decent reviews!

  • welding wyatt says:

    9AM Monday morning welds. We’ve all been there.

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