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IBIS Cycles Mojo SL and Tranny

The Ibis Mojo gets a new lightweight version this year named the Mojo SL. It is very tricked out and is a very trim 22 lbs (their suggested weight), pretty incredible for a 5.5 inch travel bike. I did get to weigh the frame and it came in at tad over 5.1 lbs (with the Mojo seat clamp instead of the Silk seat clamp) which is close to a .6 lb less then my existing Mojo. Amazing! I spoke with Hans Heim about the bike and found out that he went to my web site www.gramslightbikes.com as a barometer and crosscheck to make sure that he was choosing the proper lightweight components for the Mojo SL build. That was a very cool compliment. Thanks! The Mojo SL comes with a couple of different builds with the WTF being the Mack Daddy 22 lb build. Hans had a fun time playing with part selections to get the bike as light as possible. I can personally squeeze some more weight out of the bike myself if I get my hands on one, so please send one my direction for my greedy weight weenie hands. Talk about a bike that caters to my nick name ‘Gram’!


WTF build:

  • Carbon fiber head cups
  • Carbon fiber and steel dropouts
  • Carbon fiber seat tube insert
  • DT Swiss Carbon rear shock
  • Ti bolts
  • Ti upper shock pin
  • New carbon fiber frame layout fiber
  • XTR drivetrain with the new XTR Shadow rear derailleur
  • Marta SL 180/160 brakes
  • Stans ZTR 355 rims with American classic hubs
  • Manitou Minute MRD 130 MM front shock (3.2lbs?)
  • Lower link trimmed by 12 grams
  • Ibis Stem (Ti bolts in future)
  • New rubberized finish, just like coating on a hockey stick
  • Hutchinson Piranha 2.0 tubeless tires

Another brand new frame is the Tranny hardtail. This is one very cool and innovative frame. The frame can be broken apart just behind the seat tube so that the rear triangle can be detached. You have a carbon fiber frame that can be a geared hardtail, a singlespeed hardtail and a travel bike in any combination you might want. The lower detachment point has about 5/8 inch of play to set your chain length for single speed mode. When the frame is broken apart for travel it can be placed in a small footprint box which is especially nice on airplane flights since you won’t get charged for oversized baggage! That is cool.




Nothing has changed much for the Silk road bike nor the original Mojo.No word as yet when the Lizardskins Mojo chainstay protector will be done. Lizardskins does currently have a smaller one that I saw at the show but the new one is supposed to go up and over the dropout. Waiting with baited breathe.

Some bummers for us Ibis people is that protection tape most likely will not stick on the new rubberized finish. The new finish does appear to be durable since the test Tranny has the finish and after many months of severe abuse it seemed to only have a minor chip under the chainstay.

I had a nice conversation with Scott Nicol (aka Chuck Ibis) about the company. The Ibis brand started out in 1981 and lasted until the year 2000 when Scott sold the company. Unfortunately the new owners ran the company into bankruptcy after less then 2 years of ownership. Hans (bike vet of Specialized, Santa Cruz, Bontrager, etc) approached Scott about bringing back Ibis from the dead with a idea he had for some carbon fiber bikes. Well one thing led to another and Ibis was back.

  • Q: So whats it like doing the business the second time around?
  • A: A lot more fun, I am more mature, have more business savvy and spend a lot less time running the business, a lot less of the old days of 60-70 hour work weeks (young Tall Tom gets those instead), I get to do more of the 30 hour relaxing days now
  • Q: How did you run things different this time?
  • A: Most of Hans and ours time has been free, we have a low employee overhead and have kept debt as low a possible
  • Q: You are in a nice stable relationship with your significant other, does that help?
  • A: Yes, having a very stable and good relationship has been important and she can help pay the bills!
  • Q: Has there been a lot of QA and QC time for the bikes?
  • A: Yes, thousands and thousands of hours of cad cam time and a large capital investment for that time
  • Q: Are you starting to see a return on your investment?
  • A: Yes, things are slowly trickling in but it takes time
  • Q: So do you have lots of bikes
  • A: Yes, one of the perks of having the company, I get to satisfy my bike cravings
  • Q: OK, Can you get me a Mojo SL?
  • A: We’ll see what we can do for yah, they’re hard to get, I don’t even have one yet

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