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Fox DOSS Adjustable Seatpost

The much-anticipated Fox adjustable seatpost was on display, and the new D.O.S.S or Drop Off Steep Stuff (ok, the last word used to more naughty) is pretty darn trick. The DOSS comes in either a 4 or 5-inch model, and has three positions, fully up, a 40mm midpoint drop, and completely down. The mechanically actuated system uses an adjustable air spring for the return, and collets for its three locking locations, and has a traditional two bolt saddle clamp, and an innovative and unique remote lever.

The Key Way lock to prevent rotation, is sort of unique, since it had a small amount of play during movement and right after a positional change, but as soon as it’s lightly weighted it becomes very minimal, and is on par with the best on the market. The engineers designed it this way to have fewer wear and the lowest stichion possible, allowing an effortless and smooth stroke. The one piece upper tube is forged and has no threads, and slides through low friction seals, which came from their fork technical expertise.

The saddle clamp uses a more robust two bolt system because it won’t slip like a single bolt design, but it did necessitate a side loading cable for the remote. The adjustable reach remote can be mounted on the top or bottom, and left or right side, and it connects to the top of the post with a side loader, which can also be on either side.

The three positions, are actuated by an interesting looking double paddle remote lever. You push the inner paddle to lower it to the middle position, and hit the outside one to smash it down to the lowest descender mode. To return from the middle spot, either paddle can be used, while the lower position needs the outer paddle be used, due to a greater amount of cable pull being required. You can catch the middle position on the way up from the lower, by doing a slight weighting of the saddle to stop it, or let it pop completely up. The system reminds me a great deal of the Specialized Command Post BlackLite, which outwardly seems to use the same sort of mechanical collet to lock it in the position. I didn’t get much additional information on the internals, since it’s still in prototype phase (aka Skunk Works) and is a top secret, “Off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush.”

I played around with the DOSS on the demo bike, and I really liked the way the post worked, as it had a secure feel and smooth operation, and I enjoyed the three positions. The remote lever functioned decently, and the design makes sense, and getting it to filter down to the middle position is a great idea, although it might take some getting used to? I like mechanical systems, as they’re durable, dependable and have a lower set of maintenance. The final production is set for Sea Otter time frame?

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