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Exposure Lights Joystick MaXx and Enduro MaXx

LED lights are fascinating. They are better than halogens in every respect. They are better than HIDs in almost every respect but one… brightness. But we hear that is changing too.

So we met up with James Penfold of Exposure Lights and he showed us a couple new LED lights. These lights are tiny. They are bright. And they are sexy. As sexy as lights can get that is.

Both lights are self contained with no wires. They are light and compact. They also use dual-beam optic  lenses to achieve both a wide and far light. Lithium Ion batteries power both models. And  believe it or not, both lights run for 3 hours on the maximum setting and 24 hours on the low setting. It’s a match!

 Joystick MaXx

Specs: 1 LED, 240 Lumens, 80 grams, $249.99

Exposure Lights Joystick MaXx

Is that the ultimate flashlight or what? If I put four of them on my handlebar I should have 1000 lumens!

 Enduro MaXx

Specs: 3 LEDS, 720 Lumens, 235 grams, $449.99

Exposure Lights Enduro MaXx

720 Lumens? James pointed the light at the tradeshow ceiling which was high and lit up. I could see the beam noticeably. There is also another model called Race MaXx which has two LEDs and retails for $349.95.

So just a little show and tell. We will be testing these lights shortly so expect a full review.

More info:  www.exposurelightsusa.com

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