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DT Swiss Carbon Wheels, Shocks and Forks

DT Swiss had some pretty sweet parts. This XRC 1250 wheelset with a carbon rim was the Cats Meow. Very pretty and very light at 1250g. I saw them out in the sun at the outdoor demo and they really are beautiful looking. Not sure about how durable or beefy they might be, but they sure are sweet.


The XR Carbon (aka the SSD Carbon) is a very light weight carbon rear shock (140-165g) that is used on the Ibis Mojo SL. There is some incredible machining that was done every where on this shock, even the little adjustment wheel. Very nice and a bit pricey like everything from DT Swiss.


DT Swiss recently aquired the UK firm Pace shocks. How their shocks fit into the picture is unknown, I am sure some of their engineering will end up within the DT Swiss team? Their current forks are made in Switzerland in-house (I was mistaken and thought they were Pace forks, oops!). Shown are the EXC which means Enduro X-Cross Carbon (150mm/1590g) and the XMC which means X-Mountain Carbon (100mm/1510g and 130mm/1570g). Not pictured is the XRC which means X-Cross Country Carbon (80mm/1380g and 100mm/1380g). Very pretty forks. The weights seem to be a bit generous to me? I would have checked the weights since I had my scale with me but the forks were attached to the display.


Followup Comments:

I have edited a few mistakes in this reports and fixed what I could. I had mixed up forks models. I also called DT Swiss and did find out that the they still make their own forks in-house.

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  • Elvis says:

    “Where they will be sourced and built is unknown”

    Did anyone bother to talk to the DT Swiss guys? They are being made in Switzerland. I have seen photos (taken by a friend that visited Dt Swiss) of them being assembled in the Swiss factory…

    And if you feelt hat the weights are being too generous… then WEIGH them… geez.

    I expect this quality of report from Mountain Bike Action… not here. c’mon guys. Facts… not ficticous.

  • Elvis says:

    wait… wait… I have another one for ya…

    “Not pictured is the EXC which means Enduro X-Cross Carbon (150mm/1590g)”

    It’s not?

    Then what exactly are those red forks IN THE PICTURE?

    You know… the ones with the sign beside them saying “EXC”?

    The ones with “EXC” on the lower leg?

    I’m reaslly not trying to be super critical guys… but facts are nice now and then.

  • pastajet says:

    Sorry I made a typo and mixed up the 2, I have fixed it. I did not get a chance to speak with the DT Swiss, my fault for not doing further research. I will call them today and check up on my facts (and be a good reporter!) As far as weighing them, I had my scale with me but they were attached to the wall so I could not weigh them. And yes it is only my opinion and not fact what the weights are. I had to visit a lot of booths at the show and I had a day and a half to see as much as possible, very overwhelming. It was my first show and I am still learning.

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