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Cane Creek Double Barrel


Cane Creek brought quite the collection of bikes to the dirt demo. They were so confident about their shock that they were eager to show riders how much performance they can squeeze out of these different frames: p1010184.jpg

1 Five spot
1 Six pack
1 08 Highline
1 6.6
1 Socom
1 Purgatory
1 VP free
1 Session 10
1 Siren 6/9ner
1 Demo 8

We’ve had the priviledge of testing the Cane Creek Double Barrel at the demo and over the last three months on our local testing grounds. Is it the best rear shock we’ve ever tested? Possibly.

img_0539.JPG img_0546.JPG img_0548.JPG

The CCDB exudes quality. The materials and machining are top-notch. The retail is $650 for the standard  shock and $850 for the Ti spring version. Our test shock weighed in at 705 grams.  For comparison, a Fox DHX air weighs 455 grams.

The ride of the shock is plush, quiet and controlled. Now here’s the magic of the CCDB… tuneability. This shock lives and dies by tuneability. There are four independent tuning screws:

- low speed rebound

- high speed rebound

- low speed compression

- high speed compression.

The result is complete and utter control with any suspension frame. Within any of those knobs is full fast to very slow speed adjustability. Thus, a pedaling platform can be dialed in, small bump compliance, big hit absorption, complex handling characteristics. The options are endless.

What we noticed most on our test bike is the shock can control the travel throughout the stroke. Our old favorite, the Fox DHX air is excellent at providing a pedaling platform and initial travel but at it seems to blow through the rest of its travel rather easily. The CCDB can handle and tune the travel at any point in the stroke. It seems like a variety of riders  were able to use our 375 spring because the shock controlled the travel in all situations.

We mentioned that the downside is tuneability. What we mean is this is a lot of shock for a lot of money. If you don’t understand and don’t care about the difference between high and low speed rebound control, this may not be the shock for you. It’s a lot to understand and to play with. It takes time to dial it in for your bike, trail and riding style.  But if you like to understand your components and spend the time tuning, you will be rewarded!


For more info: http://www.canecreek.com/double_barrel.html

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